Intro to profiles

byron olsonByron Olson is a retired physician who has volunteered as a writing coach for the past six years.

A graduate of Dartmouth College and University of Minnesota Medical School, Byron spent his early years interning at Harborview Medical Center, serving as a combat surgeon in Vietnam, and practicing medicine around the world with his wife, who is also a medical doctor. Olson and his wife settled in Missoula in 1973, where he ran a urology practice until his retirement in 1998.

Olson has always enjoyed writing and honed his skills through daily email correspondence with his mother, which he began in 1992. He believes that writing is a vital skill for everyone, no matter their passion or profession, which is why he makes it a point to find out each of his student’s favorite thing to do and then explain how writing is connected to it.

Along with coaching, Olson is enjoying his retirement by managing his family’s vineyard in California, attending lectures at the University of Montana, hiking, birding, and gardening.

What Byron loves most about writing: “To me, good writing necessitates good thinking, and I’ve always admired good thinking. The better a person can think, the better they can write, and vice versa.”

What Byron loves most about being a coach: “I love the one-on-one interaction you get with each student. It’s a privilege. It was my favorite thing about practicing medicine, too: one-on-one time when you feel like you are able to help someone.”