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Writing Coaches of Montana has a lot to say about how great our communities are. 

Growth Mindset, October 2022

After Working in Medicine for 42 years, I retired in 2017.  I then spent a year adjusting to my new lifestyle, and found I was ready to engage into the community again.  There was a spot on the TV about WCM that discussed their mission, and listed a training session for volunteers. There were several words and phrases used to describe the goals of the program. The one that intrigued and motivated me to volunteer was the idea that writing is a good way to learn and develop critical thinking skills.

Gathering of information, organizing the facts, deciding on a plan and creating steps to achieve the desired goal is a process that is used in Medicine and I believe it would be successful in any workplace. 

I was slightly intimidated at the training session when I realized I was the only one there with no work experience in formal education or English. I have found I am able to help students from a different perspective, and have throughly enjoyed my experience . The students are receptive to suggestions, and willing to share their thoughts about the overall message of their paper. Most times, our conversations lead to how their life experiences relate to the statements in their paper.

I have also enjoyed the conversation and friendship extended to me by Cassie, Kat, and the other coaches. There are coaches from many professional backgrounds, which provides the students with a rich diverse writing experience. 

WCM is a positive outreach program that provides an opportunity for sharing of knowledge and life experience on a one to one basis. A gift of time that enriches us all.