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Writing Coaches of Montana's coaching approach is based on literacy and teaching best practices.

Our coaches are trained by literacy and teacher education experts from University of Montana. Our coaching approach employs a student-centered, praise-question-suggest model. This allows students to maintain ownership of their intellectual work, grow an understanding of the writing & revision process, and build community with local volunteers.   

Coaches meet one-on-one with students during the school day to work on writing assignments. This could range from brainstorming ideas, organizing an outline, or fine-tuning rough drafts. Coaching sessions are scheduled at the request of educators. Every student in a class has the opportunity to sit down with a coach. Our volunteers sign up for sessions at their leisure, and there is no minimum hour requirement. This flexibility ensures that anyone can be a coach, regardless of their schedule.

We are proud that our coaches come from diverse backgrounds – medical professionals, educators, mechanics, etc. – as this reinforces one of WCM’s core ideas: written communication and critical thinking skills are important for every student to develop, regardless of what path they hope to take in life.