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Mission & History

Our Mission

To help Montana students grow as confident, competent writers, WCM mentors students and supports teachers through trained community volunteers.

Our Vision

We envision that all Montana students think critically and communicate effectively through writing.

Our Values

Collaboration: We partner with educators, community members, and fellow organizations to implement our mission. 

Community: We foster a sense of community among all of our partners and support community involvement in education. 

Lifelong Learning: We embrace a growth mindset, with coaches and students learning together throughout their lifetimes. 

Respect: We promote mutual respect between learners of all ages and support diverse, equitable, and inclusive learning for all. 

Our History

Since its inception in 1995, Writing Coaches of Montana has grown from an on-site drop-in center in a single school (Hellgate High School), to a classroom-based, teacher-driven program across Western Montana. 

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, Writing Coaches of Montana has expanded its services to offer online coaching to Montana in addition to in-person coaching. Adding virtual coaching to our toolkit has allowed us to expand our reach. Now we can meet the needs of schools in geographically remote areas across the state, while still offering in-person options for long-term school partners who have built a local volunteer base.